+ Rev. Fr. George L. Livanos


On July 1, 2021, Fr. George Livanos lost his 14 month battle with Mesothelioma, nevertheless, it was at that moment that the promise of Eternal Life in God's Heavenly Kingdom was bestowed upon him. Fr. George was a vibrant clergyman... his attitude, passion for life, and love for others was contagious. He served this parish for 32 years, and did so with every ounce of his heart and being.

They were years of sacrifice, years of leadership, years of blending as one family in Christ. Each and every parishioner has moments and memories with Fr. George during these three decades that they will never forget. Memories that will make them laugh; memories that will make them cry. There are even memories that will remind parishioners as to how far this parish has come and it's growing pains.

In his 32 years of sacrificial love to this community, Father conduced 350 Baptism & Chrismations (the last being his grandson Isidoros), 187 Weddings & 238 Funerals. And these are only those that he conducted within the sacred walls of All Saints. Father rejoiced in the births of the children and grandchildren of this community; stood by in vigil and in solidarity as parishioners took their final breaths. He has heard the most intimate confessions, communed the sick, visited those homebound, ministered to the needy... not because it was his job, but because he embraced the calling from our Lord to minister to His people... and mot specifically the people of Canonsburg.

Over the last 14 month, Father took his illness as an opportunity to reach out much further into the Lord's vineyard... his reach had no limits. Father George inspired even into his final days upon this earth. Many of these wonderful conversations, thoughts, and prayers have been preserved through modern technology. This precious time-capsule will allow Fr. George not only to live on in our hearts and in our minds, but also to live on in world-wide Orthodoxy!

May your memory be eternal, our beloved and ever-memorable Fr. George!  

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